Carolina Monarch's Golden Fire (ZIPPA)

Zippa is the most patterned bitch from our 2020 litter. She features absolutely incredible structure with a beautiful topline and very nice gait. She is owned by the very dedicated Deanna and now lives in Texas.

Carolina Monarch's Golden Fire - BOS in Sweeps 5-1-2021 - Photo Credit: Meredith Kline

Carolina Monarch's Golden Fire "Zippa" with owner Deanna and judge Gary Wimberley of Xzotika Afghans

Following Zippa receiving BOS in Sweeps on Saturday from judge JoAnn Jones, she went on to go it all again on Sunday! When we spoke with him a few days later, Judge Gary Wimberley of Xzotika Afghans remarked on her beautiful looks and we couldn't agree more.

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